National Championship Invitations

Due to Covid-19 the NADGT is extending the National Championships invites 30 day restriction has been lifted and all invitations will be honored until further notice.

Name PDGA Divisions Tier
Allen Bassett MA1 Arroyo Chamiso
Carlos Lovato MA1 Arroyo Chamiso
Chet Zukowski MA2 IDGC
Cleveland Gobert MA40 IDGC
Dalton Slantis MA1 IDGC
Darryl Vilano MA50 IDGC
Dylan Owens MA1 Arroyo Chamiso
Eddie Romero MA40 Arroyo Chamiso
Garrett Picton MA1 IDGC
Jake Monn MA1 IDGC
Jason Smith MA2 IDGC
Kolte Breck 61538 MA1 Test
Magdalena Pope FA1 IDGC
Michael Benson MA2 IDGC
Scotty Coxville MA50 IDGC
Shay Montes MA1 IDGC
Terry Shockey MA40 IDGC
Trenton Lawton MA2 Arroyo Chamiso

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