Single League Event

Player Entry $$20
FormatAny one single league round
Charity Contribution EDGE Program optional
Players PackageChoice of disc from all 13 brands and a towel.
Player Package Odering & ShippingNADGT is handling the payments and we will ship your packages to you with 8 day lead time.
DivisionsAll PDGA Amateur Divisions offered by TD+ Any player whose rating is below professional level and has not won more than $3,000 in their career or more than $1,000 in 2020.
Player OptionPlayer may opt out of player packs after first league single round event and compete for points only for $10.
Ranking20 points per round+ 1 point for every player you beat per round(all play in same division)
National Championships InvitesSee Competitor Handbook

  • This relationship made a ton of sense for us. They will ship all your prizes to you and provide broad new online capabilities to including online payouts, reporting point rankings on a National and Regional basis.
  • Welcome new sponsors DGA, Millennium, and Prodiscus. These new sponsors bring new opportunities for our player base. Offer your event as a ‘players choice’ (they choose) or exclusively with one of these sponsors and enjoy the tournament benefits on par with their other exclusively sponsored tournaments.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT POINTS! We will be offering multiple ways for players to earn points throughout the year.
  • NADGT DISC GOLF TEAM: Includes top pros from each of our disc sponsors, ambassadors, and amateurs who qualified through last year’s tour. Our team is there to help promote your event online

We have partnered with EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience). All exclusive events, will be donating two dollars per player to the EDGE program. Each event will have additional prizes proved by EDGE for each events contribution!!


  • PROMOTE YOUR EVENT locally to encourage the broadest participation
    • Provide a course map and overview of any course rules/OBs to each card
    • Complete and upload scores with 48 hours of competition
    • We have created a form for you to manage your league. Please use this form and submit your results once your league night is completed. Link here_____.
    • Post an event wrap up on FB and tag NADGT.

Additional Notes:

  • TD responsible for PDGA fees, Insurance, shipping expenses and any course reservation fees.
  • Per player course fees, when necessary, may be collected onsite or online, so long as its communicated clearly in the event description
  • TD’s are invited to help staff Premier Events near them
  • For more information about the single league events contact