A player has the option to compete in several different event types in order to earn NADGT Points:

  • NADGT Premier Events
  • NADGT Exclusive Events
  • NADGT Affiliate Events
  • NADGT League Events
  • NADGT Flex C-tiers

The event must be a part of the NADGT Tour, not every PDGA event is part of the tour. You can look for an NADGT event near you by heading to our 2020 tour schedule.

Tour Schedule
Players Packages for the 2020 NADGT Tour will be determined by the Tournament Director. There are two options for the TD: players choice and single brand. A particular TD might be a sponsored player and they might be inclined to host their event as a single brand event in order to comply with their sponsors requirements. Most other TDs will be hosting a player’s choice type event where the player will have the freedom of choosing which manufacturers players package, they would like to receive for the event.


  • $75 Retail Value
  • Choice of Innova Disc, Discraft Disc, or NADGT Dri-Fit shirt
  • Player also gets a second choice of all other brands supporting brands – Synergy Art Stamped Disc
  • 1 Towel
  • 1 Keen 50% off discount card (good for any one item, doesn’t have to be shoes)
  • 1 Shady Ray 50% off two pairs discount card
  • 1 ProPull promo discount card


  • Innova – varied molds
  • Discraft – varied molds
  • Latitude 64 – varied molds
  • MVP – varied molds
  • Discmania – varied molds
  • Legacy – varied molds
  • Gateway – varied molds
  • Kastaplast – varied molds
  • Infinite – varied molds
  • Prodigy – varied molds
  • DGA – varied molds
  • Millennium – varied molds
  • ProDiscus – varied molds

For more info and rules of the tour click-