C-Tier Events

& “Cee Times”

C-Tiers & Cee Times Description

These PDGA C-Tiers were introduced in 2022 with the goal of expanding NADGT to new demographics more affordably.  With two different format options consisting of TWO Shotgun Start rounds of 18 holes or ONE 18-hole round of tee times.  Tournaments are open to all qualifying competitors of any age, skill, or gender.  All PDGA divisions are hosted by the NADGT Tour and will be offered per the guidelines of the Professional Disc Golf Association and at the discretion of the TD.

Field:Defined by TD
Player Entry$35 *Additional course/facility fees may apply
Format2 Rounds of Shotgun with 36-hole minimum


1 round of Cee Times

For non-PDGA members, the $10 PDGA non-member fee may be charged but may be credited to a new membership after the event is completed.
Charity ContributionNADGT will donate $1 per player to EDGE
Players Package Player Package:
• NADGT Online Store Voucher-Good for $17 disc shipped directly to player
• NADGT Towel
• NADGT Points
• NADGT Player Handbook (Mailed directly to player)

Players have option to purchase or upgrade player pack items at an additional cost listed on the event entry page.
DivisionsAll PDGA divisions are hosted by the NADGT Tour and will be offered per the guidelines of the Professional Disc Golf Association and at the discretion of the TD.
InvitesNational Championships Invitations are based upon divisional participation.
25% FOR ALL MA1/MA2/MA3/MA40/MA50 +Ties
• 1-5 Players 1 Invitation
• 6-9 Players 2 Invitations +Ties
• 10-13 Players 3 Invitations +Ties
• 14-17 Players 4 Invitations +Ties
• 18-21 Players 5 Invitations +Ties
• 22+ top 25% of the field +Ties

TOP 40% FOR ALL MA60, Women’s, and Juniors Divisions +Ties
• 1-3 Players 1 Invitation
• 4-6 Players 2 Invitations +Ties
• 7-8 Players 3 Invitations +Ties
• 9-11 Players 4 Invitations +Ties
• 12-13 Players 5 Invitations +Ties
• 14+ top 40% of the field +Ties
Tournament PayoutPayouts:
• 100% player pack value fulfilling PDGA “Trophy Only’ standard
• Divisional winner trophy pins from DiscGolfPins.com
*Trophies may need to be shipped to winners
RankingStraight PDGA points
National Championships InvitesSee Competitor Handbook

Title Sponsor


  • This relationship made a ton of sense for us. They will ship all your prizes to you and provide broad new online capabilities to www.nadgt.com including online payouts, reporting point rankings on a National and Regional basis.
  • Welcome new sponsors DGA, Millennium, and Prodiscus. These new sponsors bring new opportunities for our player base. Offer your event as a ‘players choice’ (they choose) or exclusively with one of these sponsors and enjoy the tournament benefits on par with their other exclusively sponsored tournaments.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT POINTS! We will be offering multiple ways for players to earn points throughout the year.
  • NADGT DISC GOLF TEAM: Includes top pros from each of our disc sponsors, ambassadors, and amateurs who qualified through last year’s tour. Our team is there to help promote your event online.


  • Complete online TD scheduling here: Registration Form
  • Get clearance from your State coordinator to have a PDGA C-Tier event.
  • Schedule your event via NADGT form above
    • Locally promote the event to encourage the broadest participation
    • All players who register after the day we ship your order will be charged a $7 late fee for shipping. There package will be shipped directly to the address they used to register on DGS.
    • Provide a course map and overview of any course rules/OBs to each card
    • Complete and upload scores with 48 hours of competition
    • Complete and upload PDGA event report; Pay PDGA fees;
    • Send player detail .csv to [email protected] to for points tabulation
    • Post an event wrap up on FB and tag NADGT