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What points are good for Invites to the National Championships?

The National Championships is an event that is intended to invite the top amateur competitors in the country in the following divisions: MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40, MA50, MA2, FA2, MA3, MJ18, and FJ18. To get an invitation in MA1, a competitor must play MA1 and earn MA1 points throughout the season. Points earned in lower divisions are not transferrable to MA1. To get an invitation in FA1, a competitor must play FA1 and earn FA1 points throughout the season. Points earned in lower divisions are not transferrable to FA1. To get an invitation in MA40, a competitor can earn points in ANY advanced master’s division. All points earned in any Advanced Masters division will count towards MA40 invitations. Invitations to the National Championships are not transferrable. Invited competitors will only be able to register/compete in the division in which they were invited. State Division Leaders in the listed divisions as of 9/1/2021 will be invited to the National Championships.

Do I get anything at Affiliate events besides points?

Yes, our NADGT Affiliate events will provide players packs that will vary based on TD decisions.

I have accepted cash can I still play?

The 2023 National Championships will be a true amateur event. You must be classified as an amateur by the PDGA to compete in this years event. Non-eligible (Professional) competitors that would have been eligible in past years, will still be able to compete in our first "Tour Finale" to be held in Jacksonville in 2024.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know any of that history of the NADGT…….This is my 2nd year with them and have loved every minute of it. The people I have worked with are awesome and the players like the events. I ran an exclusive event about a month or two after coming out of covid last year and it filled instantly. I’m glad to be a part of something that helps grow the interest of amateurs in the competitive field.”

Dalton Sackett - Multi Time Tournament Director