Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Yes, each Exclusive event will be awarding trophy pins for the main five divisions only: MA1, FA1,MA50, MA2 and MA40 If your event package did not contain the trophy pins, then please contact dave.feldberg@nadgt.com
Players who sign up after the date your order is shipped will be charged a $7 late fee for shipping and will have their players packs shipped directly to their house Monday after the event.
NADGT staff will contact you 9 days before your event and ship your packs directly to you. You do not need to worry about placing any orders.
The TD will use the PDGA payout calculator and put $10 per player in the payout. TD will report payout using this link ___ Tournaments will payout at the minimum 40% as set forth by PDGA standards. Tournament directors are not required to pay any additional fees for payouts, all payouts are included in the player pack cost when the TD makes their order.
The National Championships is an event that is intended to invite the top amateur competitors in the country in the following three divisions; MA1, FA1,MA2,MA50, and MA40. In order to get an invitation in MA1, a competitor must play MA1 and earn MA1 points throughout the season. Points earned in lower divisions are not transferrable to MA1. In order to get an invitation in FA1, a competitor must play FA1 and earn FA1 points throughout the season. Points earned in lower divisions are not transferrable to FA1. In order to get an invitation in MA40, a competitor can earn points in ANY advanced masters division. All points earned in any Advanced Masters division will count towards MA40 invitations. Above also applies to MA2 and MA50 * Invitations to the National Championships are not transferrable. Invited competitors will only be able to register/compete in the division in which they were invited.
All player pack disc are custom stamped with NADGT or Synergy Art Stamps
At this time the NADGT tour will not be awarding tour points for running events. However, tournament directors are allowed to compete in their own events and will receive NADGT reward points for each player in their events. These points will be redeemable at the NADGT store. Each TD will also have their own profile page.
Yes, our NADGT Affiliate events will provide players packs that will vary based on TD decision: Option 1- player will receive a custom disc of there choice from the supporting brands, towel, and keen 50% off card. Option 2- payer will receive a custom towel *Nominal package, actual products may vary somewhat by manufacturer however value will remain the same. This will be communicated to the TD from the Tour Director.
Yes! Even if you have accepted cash and you current PDGA classification is “professional,” you can still participate in NADGT events and receive tournament payouts for the event as long as your player rating is under professional level per the PDGA requirements of Pros playing Am. However, to be eligible for any event you must not have earned over $3,000 dollars in your career or $1,000 in 2020 . Competitors do not have to change their PDGA classification In order to play in NADGT events.
We do it for you, you will just need to log into DGS and create your schedule and set the date for your registration to open.