Nnational Championship Information


PDGA Pro/Am Invitational tournament for Amateurs Only; PDGA Sanctioned B/A tier Tournament. Thursday, October 28th thru Sunday, October 31st in Austin, Texas.

Courses:  10 courses to be announced by June 1st 2021. The delay is due to COVID restrictions.

Field/Divisions: Total Field: 1296 Competitors* 

  • MA1(Competing as MPO) – 432 Competitors (A Pool)*
  • FA1(Competing as FPO) – 144 Competitors (B Pool)*
  • MA40(Competing as MP40) – 144 Competitors (B Pool)*
  • MA50(Competing as MP50)- 144 Competitors (B Pool)*
  • FA40- 50 Competitors (C Pool)*
  • MA2- 432 Competitors (C Pool)*
  • FA2- 72 Competitors (C Pool)*
  • MJ18- 72 Competitors (C Pool)*
  • FJ18- 72 Competitors (C Pool)*

*Subject to change


Thursday, October 28th: Tee Times

  • A Pool – TBA
  • B Pool – TBA
  • C Pool- TBA

Friday, October 29th; Tee times

  • A Pool – TBA
  • B Pool – TBA
  • C Pool – TBA

Saturday, October 30th: Tee Times

  • A pool- TBA
  • B Pool- TBA
  • C Pool- TBA

Sunday, October 31st: Tee Times

  • Cut for all divisions: TBD
  • A Pool – Met Center Tee Times
  • B/C Pools – Shotgun Final Round – TBD
  • B/C Pools – Will have final 9 at Met Center with Tee Times

Invitations to National Championship: Invitations to compete in the National Championships are earned by participating in the NADGT Tour.

NADGT reserves the right to have 5 Wildcard Invites to the National Championships.

Should a competitor already be invited to the National Championships, the invitation will be extended to the next qualifying competitor.

All ties will be broken by the higher of the most recent rated round and thereafter, if necessary, the next preceding round until the tie is broken.

Wildcard Invites: NADGT will award Wildcard invites at their will. When awarding invites NADGT Staff will seek to do so in a way that is fair and embraces the spirit and values of the tour.

NADGT staff may, at their discretion, set deadlines for decisions to ensure fairness to all involved. An invitation is considered accepted once the competitor registers for the tournament at www.discgolfscene.com.

Player Experience: National Championship Entry Fee: $200.

Player Package: The Players Package is valued at approximately $350-$400 and includes discs and other products from the Tour Sponsors.

Player Amenities: Entry includes breakfast and lunch each day of the competition; player dinners each evening except for Friday night.

NADGT National Team Members will be on-site for clinics and to enhance the player experience.

Custom Trophies for all Top Finishers.

National Championships Payouts: For 2021 NADGT payouts will include cash and those who accept the cash prize move to professional class members as defined by the PDGA.

Competitors have the option to decline the cash prize to retain their amateur status. Competitors who decline the cash prize are awarded merchandise equal to 75% of the prize value via NADGT.com or at TD discretion.

MA1/FA1/MA40/MA50 Division Payout:

  • Cash payout- official payouts to be announced 10/1/21.

FA40/MA2/FA2/MJ18/FJ18 Division Payout:

  • Regular A-tier Amateur Payout.


  • All competitors who qualify for these 2 divisions will be invited to compete in the FA2/MA2 division for the National Championships.