NADGT and StatMando Partnership

New Partnership with StatMando

New Partnership with STATMANDO

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NADGT is excited to announce a new partnership with StatMando for the 2023 season! StatMando is excited to deliver a unique and value driven digital experience for NADGT players. Players will be able to view their National Championship invite status, see how they rank on state and national leaderboards, and claim an exclusive player profile on

NADGT Players Get Analytical

NADGT Players Get Analytical

StatMando is excited to bring forward the first of its kind player profile engine, designed to reward players and improve their game. Sitting on top of an ever-expanding set of statistical data, player profiles will include PDGA tournament history, scoring and performance stats, and modules to analyze your own game. Players also have the ability to unlock exclusive badges for performance and participation in NADGT events. NADGT players are the first audience to receive these features, and can look forward to regular site releases over the 2023 season!
Stay tuned in the coming months for announcements on how to claim your profile and get started!